Apricot > BORA® BO 90610010*


Ripening date: -15 San Castrese
Origin: Bassi, Di.Pro.Ve., Milan, Italy
Proprietor: CRPV, Italy
Tree: medium-high vigour, standardupright growth habit. Fruit: large size, oblong shape,
intensely orange skin; firm flesh, keeps well; acidic skin, pleasant and aromatic flavour.
Productivity and Fruiting: partially self-fertile, bears mainly on spurs. Notable for good resistance to the Sharka virus.
Overall: variety of interest for ripening date and fruit type, with large size and good flavour. Since
fruit holds well on the tree it may be harvested when thoroughly ripe, when skin acidity is balanced
by flesh sweetness. Very resistant to infection by the Sharka virus (PPV).