Apricot > ORANGE RUBISĀ® couloumine*


Ripening date: -8 San Castrese.
Origin: Maillard, France.
Proprietor: Europépinières, France; exclusive international rights granted to Vivai F.lli Zanzi.
Tree: high vigour, intermediate growth habit.
Fruit: oblong, attractive orange skin with 30-40% red blush, very good flavour, aromatic, low acidity and high °Brix; skin neutral and fuzz-less, medium flesh firmness.
Productivity and Fruiting: self-compatible, high and consistent yield; fruits on all branch types, largest fruit size on spurs.
Overall: medium-early variety with potential for high and consistent yield, fruit with very good flavour and attractive appearance, suitable for all areas where apricots can be grown; encourage production on spurs to achieve largest fruit size by summer-pruning hangers back to 20-40 cm to slow plant growth and stimulate the formation of side branches, which will be productive.