Apricot > PIEVE*


Ripening date: +6 San Castrese.
Origin: Daniele Bassi, DCA, Università di Bologna, Italy.
Proprietor: CRPV, Italy.
Tree: high vigour, intermediate growth habit.
Fruit: oval, intense yellow skin with 20-30% red blush, intense yellow flesh, good flesh firmness and excellent flavour, aromatic and sweet, medium-large size.
Productivity and Fruiting: self-compatible, fruits on spurs and hangers, tree can be green-pruned and bent to encourage early bearing.
Overall: very good variety which matures at the same time as Portici, but is superior with
respect to fruit cracking and internal flesh browning, remarkable flavour. It is advisable to favour
the growth of spurs in the training phase, to attain higher quality and larger size fruits.