Cherry > FOLFER* V3387


Ripening date: +10 Burlat.
Origin: CEP Innovation, France.
Proprietor: CEP Innovation, France.
Tree: medium-high vigour, standardopen growth habit, early bearing; good capacity for branching.
Productivity and fruiting: self-sterile, early bloom, requires pollinizers (Earlise®, Rivedel*, Primulat®
Ferprime*); very high yield.
Fruit: large size (calibre 26-30 mm), bright red skin, firm red flesh, crisp, sweet and juicy; medium stem.
Susceptibility to cracking: mediumlow.
Overall: variety of interest for its extended window of opportunity for harvest (+8 +12), appearance
and quality of fruit; harvest management facilitated by fruit’s ability to hold well on tree.